A cell is placed in 0.4 M solutions of sugar and no change in volume of cell is found. What is the concentration of the cell sap

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It is based on the concept of Osmosis, wherein, the diffusion of water molecules take place from a region of high concentration to low concentration through a semi- permeable membrane. Now, there are 3 types of solutions based on the diffusion of water,namely:
1. Hypotonic- Where the water flows inside the cell, enlarging it because of low concentration of water inside the cell and higher concentration outside it.
2. Hypertonic- Where the water flows outwards from the cell, shrinking it because of high concentration of water inside the cell and lower concentration outside it.
3. Isotonic- Here, no diffusion takes place because equilibrium has been obtained between the inner and outer water concentration of the cell.

In the above question, since no change in the volume of cell is found, implies that the cell is in Isotonic state, and no plasmolysis has occured; hence, the concentration of sap is the same as the sugar solution.


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