A position vector A of magnitude 10 units makes an angle of 53 with a position vector B of magnitude 6 unit. The magnitude of position vector AB and the angle with vector A is:

A. 8 units, (180 - 37 degree)
B. 10 units, 37 degree
C. 10 Units, 53 degree
D. 8 Units, 53 degree

Dear Student,
                      AB=A-B=A2+B2-2ABcos(53)=102+62-2×10×6×35=64=8 unitResultant of AB and B will give A by magnitude we cann see that these vectores are making a right angle tringle So  if  one angle of  right angle triangle is 53 then other will  37 (except right angle)Angle between And AB will be (180-37) 

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