A uniform rod of length 1m having mass 1kg rests against a smooth wall at an angle of 300 with the ground. Calculate the forces exerted by the wall and ground on the rod.

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Given a rod of length 1m and weight 1×10=10N.The rod is making an angle of 30° with the horizontal groundso normal reaction of the ground on the rod is R making an angleof 60° with the rod.the weight of the rod 10N is acting vertically downwards soresolving 10N force along and perpendicular to the position of the rod, we get,10 sin60° =ROR    R = 10×32=53 N.Therefore force exerted by the ground on the rod is 53 N. 
The force exerted by the wall on the ladder is= Fwall = mg cos30o1×10×32=53 N


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