An object is thrown vertically upwards in such a way that it has a speed of 19.6m/s when it reaches one half its maximum altitude what are (a) its maximum altitude (b) its velocity 1 sec after is thrown and (c) its acceleration when it reaches its maximum altitude.

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Dear student, 

(a) Let maximum altitude is h.
Consider motion from one half of maximum to maximum altitude.
v2=u2-2gs0=19.62-2×9.8×h2h=39.2 m

(b) Now, consider motion from ground to maximum altitude.
v2=u2-2gs0=u2-2×9.8×hu=2×9.8×39.2u=19.62 m
Velocity after 1 sec,
v=u-gtv=19.62-9.8×1=9.822-1 m/s
(c) Acceleration at maximum altitude = g = 9.8 m/s2  Downwards

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