can 1M NiSO4 be stored in a vessel made up of copper ?

given: E(Ni2+/Ni ) = -1.20V and E (Cu2+/Cu) =0.34V

my doubt- as I know (plz correct if am wrong) that E (cell) finally should come out to be positive . if E is positive then reaction will be spontaneous. so the ans will beYES , hence proved.

but if reaction is occuring between NiSO4 and Cu , then HOW NiSO4can be stored in Cu????

plzz clear it.

​You are correct. But to give a positive E value the reaction will be as below
Ni | Ni+2 (aq) || Cu+2 (aq) | Cu
So Ni (if any) will spontaneously go to the solution to give Ni2+ and Cu+2 (if any) will be deposited as metallic Cu.

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