Consider the following combination of signs and values for velocity and acceleration of a particle with respect to a one-dimensional x axis:
     velocity       Acceleration
a) +ve                +ve
​b) +ve                -ve
c) +ve                0
d)-ve                 +ve
​e)-ve                -ve
f) -ve                  0
g)0                    +ve
h) 0                   -ve
Describe what the particle is doing in each case, and give a real life example for an automobile on an east-west one-dimensional axis, with east considered to be the +ve direction.

Dear Student ,
in first case if velocity and acceleration both are positive its like Speeding up as it travels east.
Similarly for next
b) Slowing down as it travels east. 
c) Travelling east at a constant speed. 
d) Slowing down as it travels west. 
e) Speeding up as it travels west. 
f) Travelling west at constant velocity. 
g) Just began to speed up in east direction. 
h) Just began to speed up in the west direction.

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