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Continue power function Fig. Lis if n — integer. power functions have a meaning alw at O. but their graphs have different forms depending that is n an even or an odd number. In Fig. 1.16 two such -ower functions are shown: for n 2 and n = 3. At n = 2 the function is even and its graph is symmetric _elatively an axis Y; at n = 3 the function is odd and its graph symmetric relatively an origin of coordinates. The func- tion y = .r3 is called a cubic parabola. — is represented. This On Fig. 1.17 the function y — function is inverse to the quadratic parabola y = , its graph received by rotating the quadratic parabola graph around bisector of the I-st coordinate angle. We see by the

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Power function meansfx=xn is called power  function.If n is positve integer, then fx=xn is defined for all values of x i.e. xRe.g.fx=x2 or fx=x3 is defined for xRIf nEven Natural Number, then fx is called even function and if nOdd Natural Number, then fx is called odd function.Even functions are symmetric about y-axis and odd function are symmetric about origin.e.g.

In case of fx=xn when n is negative integer, thenfx is defined for xR-0e.g. fx=1x2 is defined for xR-0.

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