Explain proportional values

Explain proportional values O Fig. 1.8 2. Proportional values. If variables y and x are direct pro- Tortional. then the functional dependence between them represented by the equation: where k is a constant a factor of proportionality. A graph of a direct proportionality is a straight line, Ding through an origin of coordinates and forming with n x-axis an angle a, a tangent of which is equal to k: -n a = k. Therefore, a factor of proportionality is called I so a slope. These are shown in three graphs with k = 1/3, = 1 and k --3 on Fig.1.9 k=—3 a O x

A proportional function is defined asf:fx=kx, k is called factor of proportionality or proportionality constanty=kx actually respresent a straight line passing thorugh origionk is called the slope of the line. It is tangent of the angle that the line makes wit positive x-axisIf a line make angle α with positive x-axisk=tan α

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