explain the principle of zone refining

Zone Refining

  • Principle Impurities are more soluble in the molten state of metal (the melt) than in the solid state.

  • In this process, a circular heater is fixed at one end of a rod of impure metal.

  • As the heater moves, the molten zone of the rod also moves along with it.

  • As a result, pure metal crystallises out of the melt, and the impurities pass to the adjacent molten zone.

  • This process is repeated several times, which leads to the segregation of impurities at one end of the rod. Then, the end with the impurities is cut off.

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The method of purification is used to obtain the metals.
1.  A circular movable heater is placed at on end of the impure metal rod.
2. Placed heater slowly moves across the metal rod and melts at that specific point of heating.
3. Then the pure metal crystallises while the impurities pass on the melted zone.
4. This process is repeated several times.At one end,the impurities get concentrated and removed.
5. Thus high pure metals are obtained by this process.

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This method is based upon principle impureties aremore soluble in molten state as complex to solid state and due to presence of impureties melting point of metal decreases
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zone refining in points
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In this process ,impure metal is taken in a hollow rod and heated with the help of circular heater that part of rod which comes in contect of heater gets melt and impurites being more soluble in liq.phase ,migraete with heater and collected at the end of rod hence it is also called fractional crystlization
It is used for ultra metals or semiconductor
Ex- Ga,Ge and Si
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Some basic for chemistry
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