From the above clipping of the story,please answer this question.
A.How did Swami's father react when Swami told him that he was not going to school?How different was his reaction from that of Swami's mother?

This question is from Father's Help by R.K Narayan.

Swami's father told him to go to school despite the headache. He scolded him for not asking his permission to skip school earlier. He said that Swami had to blame himself for the headache as he had loafed about a lot on Sunday. Swami replied that he could not go late to school, but father was insistent. His mother, on the other hand, was easily convinced that Swami was not well and even travelling by rickshaw would further increase his headache.

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He said positively wheras it was absolutely different from swamys mom
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Oo its not my text
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