how can we say carbonyl compounds have substantial dipole moment than ether?

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In the carbonyl compounds, the carbonyl group contains a double bond between carbon and oxygen atom- one σ and one π bond whereas C-O bond in ethers consists of a single covalent ​σ bond, The ​π  electrons are loosely held in C=O which can be readily shifted to carbonyl oxygen due to the high electronegativity of oxygen. Consequently, the magnitude of +ve and -ve charge developed in carbonyl (C=O) bond is higher than C-O bond of ethers.Hence, carbonyl compounds have higher dipole moment than corresponding ethers. 

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incase of aldehydes and ketons their bp are lower then alcohol.these are associated through dipol-dipol intrection whil alcohol are associated through intermolecular H-bond which requred higher amount of heat to break.
        2-alcohol       R-O-H
                                       :       (formation of H-bond)
         where in case of 
                              --(+)C--                (formation of dipol-dipol interaction)
                                           ​     O(-)
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