I am confused a lot in the application of Kirschoff's Loop Law for capacitors and resistors, I am confused in the part that sometimes when we move in loop, we take q/c as negative and sometimes +ve, what's the catch here is it related to direction of flow of charges, current or what? Please reply quickly 

Dear Student,

when you apply the kirchoff law first select the loop and mark the direction of current according to your distribution that not matter but it should follw  the current law .
now start from any point on the loop take the voltage drop as posituve and voltage rise as -ve . that means if the current in the direction of the loop direction then the drop is positive . if the current is opposite to the direction of loop then it is taken as -ve drop. and if their any batteries then if current is going from + to -ve as +ve and -ve to +ve as -ve .and after completing the loop put all of them equals to zero.


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