i had my english paper results and had some doubts regarding my answers.i asked my teacher but was not satisfied. i need experts help to tell whether my questions are correct or wrong.

fill in the blanks 

1.The train was leaving when i arrived at the station.
2.I  will appear  for the entrance exam next year
3.I had been living in this house.

Dear student 

In order to give you the correct answer, you would have to mention the type of tense to be used in each sentence.  

For example,
The train ____when I arrived at the station; can be answered as - 

The train had left when I arrived at the station. (past perfect)
‚ÄčThe train was leaving when I arrived at the station. ( past continuous) 
The train left when I arrived at the station. (past simple)

As you can see, there can be numerous answers for each question. Please mention the full question so that we may help you with your enquiry.


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i thing so this is ok but what changes your teacher wants
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All r wrong  

1.had left  
2.*I dont know*

Anyways,  how many marks did you get?
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1.The train had left when I arrived at the station.
2.I would appear for the entrance exam next year.
3.I   live in this house.
Kashish your teacher is right.Your answers are not completely wrong but I suppose these are the better answers.
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