i want written evs project on the topic -"It is possible to reduce river pollution by using the sewage water for irrigation" with the following points:First term1.selection of project2.objectives3.review of literature4.relevance5.proposed methodologySecond Term1.decription of method followed2.observations3.analysis4.result/conclusion5.report writing

In rural areas of most developing countries, use of sewage and wastewater for irrigation is a common practice. Wastewater is often the only source of water for irrigation in these areas. Small farmers often prefer waste water because its high nutrient content reduces or even eliminates the need for expensive chemical fertilizers. Affluent countries regard wastewater treatment as vital to protect human health and prevent the contamination of lakes and rivers. Waste water irrigation helps maximize the benefits to the poor who depend on the resource while minimizing the risks involves. Waste water irrigation provides income for small farmers as well.

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