in bartlett reaction , he prepared xenon hexafluroplatinate. But xe is nobel gas and doesnt contain any unpaired electrons so how can it react at all?

Dear ​ Stutee Raja,

Initially Bartlett and lohman reacted PtF6 with O2 and obtained a compound/complex O2+[PtF6]-. The first ionisation energy of 
O2 is 1165 kJ/mol and is similar to Xe (I.P. of Xe to Xe+ is 1170 kJ/mol).

In the same way they reacted Xe with ​PtF6 and thought that they obtained ​
xenon hexafluroplatinate but later on it was found that the product was a complex [XeF]+[Pt2F11]-.

So the concept is that when Xe reacted with fluorine which is highly oxidizing
and can remove e from Xe hence Xe can react with any strong oxidising agents like F2 and O2 or their compounds. 

After this discovery there are many compound/complex of Xe has been reported with 
F2 and O2



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