is kohlrausch's law same for weak and strong electrolytes??

if so, why?

Yes !
The Kohlrausch's law is applied same in both types of the strong and weak electrolytes. Because, it gives the molar conductance of an electrolyte at infinite dilution for both types of electrolyte in which each ion is considered to have its contribution irrespective of the nature of other ion as the weak electrolye dissociate completely at infinite dilution.

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though in ncert , it is directly associated with the defination of weak electrolyte,

but as far as seen , we can calculate the limiting molar conductivity by kolraush law in both the cases.

the reason is to combine the limiting molar conductivity of anion and cation seperately for a given compound.

like KCL = K+ + Cl-

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sorry i didnt get you !

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