list the advantages of using unleaded petrol as a fuel in automobiles?

Following are the two advantages of using unleaded petrol as fuel in automobiles:
  • Unleaded petrol does not release lead compounds from exhaust fumes into the atmosphere and causes less pollution.
  • As unleaded petrol does not emit harmful compounds, it helps in preventing health diseases like bronchitis, asthma and lung diseases.

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Leaded petrol on combustion releases harmful toxic gases containing lead. It causes many health problems, especially respiratory problems and also causes pollution. So in January 2000 , in U.K the govt banned usage of leaded petrol and started using unleaded petrol. It reduced the extent of pollution caused.
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Advantage is that, it does not release a carcinogenic gas as it was in leaded petrol.
Though this was not a huge polluting gas, but it was cancerous in nature, so banning it helped decrease the cases of cancer.
On the other hand disadvantage can be stated as it leads to knocking of the engine.
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1. less pollution
2.protects catalytic converter from corrosion
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