NaBH4 + A at 450 K ----> B (electron deficient dimer)
B + NH3 at 200°C ----> C
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Incorrect statement about A, B & C is :-
a) A is hypervalent compound
b) B is non planar molecule
c) C is an aromatic, non-polar molecule 
​d) B gives H3BO3 on hydrolysis
Also name A, B and C 


Dear Student,

B is an electron deficient dimer, therefore it is diborane i.e. B2H6. Reaction of NaBH4 with I2 yields B2H6, therefore, A is I2Now, B2H6 on reaction with NH3 gives borazine, so C is borazine i.e. B3N3H6or, NaBH4 +I2  B2H6                       (A)       (B)B2H6 +NH3  B3N3H6                                (C)Now, I2 is not hypervalent, therefore (a) is incorrect and B3N3H6 is aromatic but the molecule is polar. Therefore, incorrect answer are (a) and (c) 

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