Please do this

Please do this „ this house two years before he moved to B. Fill in the blanks with the past perfect or past perfect continuous form of the verbs in brackets. (look) for my Old notebook for a long time When Mother found it for me. anything wrong. three They S A. with 2. The coach scolded him although he — (not\do) bemght had thcrc birth. W d already mee had 3. Wish We — When you. that We 5 Mother told that you it started raining. — before. Lhisforalong

the answers are 
1) had been living
2) had been planning
3)had left
4)had already met
5)had always wanted
6)had bought 

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1 had been living
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1. Had been living. 2. Had been planing. 3. Had left. 4. Had always wanted. 5. Had already met. 6. Had bought.
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1. Had been living 2.had been planning 3.had left 4.had already met 5.had bought 6. Had always wanted
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