Please explain in detail.
Please explain in detail. 56. Solid ammonium cynide decompose in to NH3(g) & HCN (g) reversibly. The two gases are in equimolar ratio at all moments. If K, for e NH, (g)+HCN(g) is 4 atm. The increase in moles of ammonia due to decomposition is 33.3% then maximum amount of solid decomposed is-. (a) V/RT moles (b) 2V/RT moles (c) V/3RT moles (d) 3V/RT moles (V-volume of container & T-temperature).

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NH4CN(s)    NH3(g) + HCN (g)      C                      0               0   C(1-α)                          Kc=2(1-α)and, α=0.333Kc=C(0.333)2(1-0.333)and, Kp=Kc(RT)nn = 2-0=2so, Kc=4(RT)2i.e. 4(RT)2=C(0.333)2(1-0.333)or, C=24.08(RT)2So, =8(RT)2

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