Please explain wurtz, fitting and wurtz fitting reactions in detail.

The Wurtz Coupling is one of the oldest organic reactions, and produces the simple dimer derived from two equivalents of alkyl halide. The intramolecular version of the reaction has also found application in the preparation of strained ring compounds:

Using two different alkyl halides will lead to an approximately statistical mixture of products. A more selective unsymmetric modification is possible if starting materials have different rates of reactivity

Mechanism of the Wurtz Reaction

Side products:

Wurtz-Fittig Reaction

This reaction allows the alkylation of aryl halides. The more reactive alkyl halide forms an organosodium first, and this reacts as a nucleophile with an aryl halide as the electrophile. Excess alkyl halide and sodium may be used if the symmetric coupled alkanes formed as a side product may be separated readily.

FITTING REACTIONthis has same mechanism but it involves coupling of two aromatic hallides...example: chlorobenzene couples in the presence of na and dry ether to give biphenyl and nacl..

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