pls explain the use of molecularity


A chemical reaction that takes place in one and only one step i.e., all that occurs in a single step is called elementary reaction while a chemical reaction occurring in the sequence of two or more steps is called complicated reaction. The sequence of steps through which a complicated reaction takes place is called reaction – mechanism. Each step in a mechanism is an elementary step reaction.

The molecularity of an elementary reaction is defined as the minimum number of molecules, atoms or ions of the reactants(s) required for the reaction to occur and is equal to the sum of the stoichiometric coefficients of the reactants in the chemical equation of the reaction. 

In general, molecularity of simple reactions is equal to the sum of the number of molecules of reactants involved in the balanced stoichiometric equation.

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It is the sum of the exponents in the rate law equation. Molecularity, on the other hand, is deduced from the mechanism of an elementary reaction, and is used only in context of an elementary reaction. It is the number of molecules taking part in this reaction.
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