Pls solve and answer the question in detail.

Q.  x   + 7 x   + x   + 7 = x   + 7 2 x  than which of the statement is correct 

     (A) Only one negative integer satisfy the equation

     (B) All positive real no satisfy the given equation 

     (C) The solution set is R

     (D) All positive integer are only the solution of equation

x+1x+x+1=x+12xx+1x+x+1-x+12x=0x+11x+1-x+1x=0x+11+x-x+1x=0x+11+x-x+1=0Either x+1=0 or 1+x-x+1=0x=-1 or 1+x-x+1=0Consider1+x-x+1=0Case 1: x-1x=-xx+1=-x+11-x+x+1=02=0no solutions in this intervalCase 2: -1<x<0x=-xx+1=x+11-x-x+1=0-2x=0x=0But x0, as we have x term in the denominator of given equationNo solution in this intervalCase 3: x>0x=xx+1=x+11+x-x+1=00=0All x>0 are the solutionAlso x=-1 was the solutionOption a and b

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