PLZ SOLVE Q 17, 18, & 19

PLZ SOLVE Q 17, 18, & 19 17. IS. 19. potential energy of a particle varies with distancc x from a fixed origin . where A and B are constants. The dimension of A/B is (A) MI-so T' The dimension of — is (A) MLitt dimension of ML@T'

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                       Here x and B has same dimension of LSo dimension of A×dimension of xdimension of x=ML2T-2or dimension of A=ML5/2T-217.  dimension of AB=ML5/2T-2L=ML3/2T-218.dimension of AB2=ML5/2T-2L2=ML1/2T-219.dimension of A2B=M2L5T-4L=M2L4T-4

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I hope this is enough :

Dimension of B is L because only length can be added to length.

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