Prepare B R C as on 31+01+18 from the following details

Prepare B R C as on 31+01+18 from the following details F.Y.J.C. B.K. second Term B nk Reconciliation Statement 1. prepare B,R.s, as on from the details casr, debit Rs.35000 as on 3111/18 out issued Rs.4z000 , cheques Rs.90no is not debited only in pass book Rs.1S0 Transferred 5000 from fixed deposit to current AIC which is not A of R, 22000 depos;ted into bank but not cleared by bank, Dividend by bank. thgough recorded in pass book but failed to recorded in cash book 1350 Z Pass book balance Rs.7000 as on the cash book Showed Of RS.6340 The points Wore found i} Bang collected dividend on snares Rs.d00 bat not entered in cash book 'i' Oiseountcd bill dishonoured Rs.1500 debited by bark. but no intimat:onwas from bank, iiil Cheques paid into bank but not credited by bonk Rs'14c. Cheques of Rs_2500 was issued on 29/9115 but not presented to bank 'or payment till Prepare B.RS„ 3. Bank balance as per cash book showed debit balance Rs*Q00 on While comparing tho cash bock pass 000k tolloø.'inq differences "ere noticed. i) CheguOS Of & RS.30000 deposited but Were not Collected and c;odited by bank till 31/1011 i. Our debtor directly deposited Rs,t6000 into bank which Was not recoreded in cash bcok Bank credited interest on investrnnct RS.IOOO_ Cheques Of Rs.2000C Issued hut not presented (or payment to the hank. v' Bank paid insurance premium Rs. 12000 but not entered in Cash booR vi) Bank debited bank charges Rs,200. Prepare B.R.S,

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Bank Reconciliation Statement
S. No. Particulars Plus Items (Rs) Minus Items (Rs)
  Balance as per cash book   35,000
2 Cheque issued but not presented for payment 9,000  
3 Bank comission Debited in pass book   150
4 Transferred from FD to Current account 5,000  
5 Cheque deposited but not cleared   22,000
6 Dividend recorded in pass book but not in cash book 1,350  
  Balance as per Pass book 41,800  
    57,150 57,150


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