​Q.15 RCHO + RCOOH + NHa + 20 25 I 13. Which of the following compound can show positive test with tollen's reagent but negative test with fehling solution. (A) Benzaldehyde (B) Acetaldehyde (C) Acetone (D) Acetophenone fig (D) bah of the following carbohydrate can show the mutarotation. (A) SucrOse (B) ß-D-Fructose (C) Cellulose (D) Amylose 61-qers d out the correct statement : 1 ('JA) Mutarotation is specific rotation of an anomer of carbohydrate Starch can show mutarotation but do not give tollen's test (C) All carbohydrates are reducing sugar (D) Mixture of acidic hydrolysis of sucrose is known as invert sugar

Dear Student,

The correct statement is (A)
Starch cannot show mutarotation. Starch is a non-reducing sugar and non-reducing sugars donot show mutarotation. 

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