Q.33. When water enters into a cell what happens to its OP, TP and DPD?
(1) OP & TP increase & its DPD increase
(2) OP & DPD increase & TP decrease
(3) TP & DPD decrease & OP increase
(4) OP & DPD decrease & TP increase

Dear student,
Answer is 4) OP and DPD decrease and TP increase.
When water enters into cell then the cell increases in size due to entry of water therefore TP (Turgor pressure) increases but due to decrease in concentration of the solution inside the cell due to entry of water the OP (osmotic pressure) decreases. DPD (diffusion pressure deficit) also decreases because DPD depends on osmotic pressure. As the osmotic pressure decreases DPD also decreases.


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