Read the given extract and answer the question:

"Here I am, wife," he said, showing in

the firelight the good-natured and con

tented face which Jenny loved so well

"I have been unlucky," he continued,

"What kind of weather have you

had ?"

"And the fishing?
"Bad. But never mind. I have you in
my arms again, and l am satisfied. I have
caught nothing at all, I have only torn
toy net. The deuce was in the wind to
night. At one moment of the tempest. I
thought the boat was foundering, and the
cable broke. But what have you been doing all this time ?"


QUESTION:-What was the fisherman?s reaction after being unlucky at the sea??

Dear Student,

The fisherman had a mixed reaction. Though he was sad that it was an unlucky day for him, he was happy that he was back home close to his wife. He was disappointed but also positive in life. 


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