Shouldn't the answer be (1)
Q.9. The correct statement
(1) Green vitriol and blue vitriol are isomorphus
(2) K M n O 4   a n d   K 2 C r 2 O 7 are coloured due to d-d transitions
(3) C u 2 C l 2   a n d   A g 2 S are coloured
(4) Upon strong heating paramagnetic gases are evolved by N a N O 3   a n d   A g N O 3
Sol. Answer (4)

Dear Student,
The answer is option 4. When Sodium nitrate is heated it liberated oxygen which is a paramagnetic gas.When silver nitrate is heated it libertes nitrogen oxide which is also a paramagnetic gas.

Now considering the option 1 as suggested by you - blue vitriol is Copper sulphate penta hydrate and green vitriol is Ferrous sulphate hexahydrate, their molecular composition is not the same. There is a difference in water of crystallisation. Thus they are not isomorphic compounds.


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