Sulfonation of naphthalene by conc. sulfuric acid produces the 1-sulfonic acid at 120 ºC and the 2-sulfonic acid at 160 ºC.
  Which of the following statements is not true?
 A) the 2- sulfonic acid is kinetically favored
 B) sulfonation is a reversible reaction
 C) the 2- sulfonic acid is thermodynamically favored (more stable)
 D) electrophilic attack at C-1 is favored over attack at C-2

Dear student,

Correct answer is 'a'. Because 1-sulfonic acid dominates at lower temperature. So 1-sulfonic acid is kinetically favoured product and 2-sulfonic acid is thermodynamically favoured product.
So "a" is incorrect statement.
That's why answer will be 'a'.


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B answer
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