the potential energy of two like charges (q1 q2 >0) is positive.As the electrostatic force is repulsive ,so a +ve amount of work has to be done against this force to bring the charges from infinity to finite sepration PLEASE EXPLAIN THIS PARAGRAPH and please tell what this (q1 q2 >0) mean here.

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q1>0 and q2>0 that means both charge are positive and positive charges repel .let suppose their is nothing in space andyou had placed q1 charge . now when you bring the q2 charge from infinity you have to do certain work on the system so that q2 can be placed near to q1 . because the force is repulsive . this repulsive force acts away from the line joing the charge . so when the two charges are placed near by a potential energy store in the system .this energy comes from the workdone on charge q2 since WD is +ve the stored energy is +ve .


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