the red coloured compound formed in victor-meyer's test for ethyl alcohol is
a) CH3-C(NO2)=NO-Na
b) CH3-CH(NO)-NO2 -Na+
​c) CH3-CH(NO2)-NO
d) (CH3)2-C(NO2)-NO

Dear Student,

The reagents used in victor meyer's test are P+I2, AgNO​2, HNO2, NaOH and the colour result from this are,
Primary alcohol = red colour
Secondary alcohol = blue colour 
Teritiary alcohol = no reaction

So the given ethyl alcohol belongs to primary alcohol category, 

CH3-CH2-OH P+I2 CH3-CH2-IAgNO2CH3-CH2-NO2NaNO2+dil.HCl(0-5oC)CH3-CNO2=N-OH  NaOHCH3-C(NO2)=NO-Na+ 

Hence the answer is Option (A)


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