the same amount of current was passed through acidic water and copper sulphate solution. It liberates 203 ml of hydrogen at NTP and deposited 0.578g of copper . calculate the equivalent weight of copper

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2H+ + e- ----> H2

As we know that, 1 mole of any gas occupies 22400 ml of volume, hence in 203 ml of hydrogen we have = (1/22400) x 203 = 0.009 moles of hydrogen.

Moles of copper reduced = 0.578 g / 63.5 g mol-1 = 0.009 moles of copper

As we know that, 2 moles of hydrogen ions are required to obtain 1 mole of hydrogen gas, then in 0.009 moles of hydrogen gas, moles of hydrogen ions required = 0.018 moles

Now, since for 0.009 moles of copper, twice the moles i.e. 0.018 moles of hydrogen ion are used in the reaction. The equivalance factor for copper is 2.

Hence, equivalent weight of copper = 63.5 / 2 = 31.75 g

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