what are finite and non finite verbs?


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finite =verbs that change to show number ,tense or noun

non finite =opposite

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I drove to the concert.

He broke the vase.

She will take it off your hands soon.

The verbs in the above sentences are ‘drove’, ‘broke’ and ‘take’. These are finite verbs; verbs whose form is governed by the subject of the sentence. What this means is that these verbs change their form depending on person (first person, second person, third person, singular/plural) and tense. For example, ‘drove’ is the past tense of ‘drive’. Thus, if sentence were to be in the present tense, it would be I drive.... Similarly, if ‘I’ were to be replaced by ‘he’, it would be He drives. Finite verbs can form independent clauses, i.e. clauses that can work as complete sentences. 

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  1. Fiinite verbs are verbs which change with respect to time,place and person.

For eg:

  • He plays
  • I play

       2. Non -Finite verbs are which doesnot change at all.

For eg:

  • I am swimming.
  • They are swimming.

In these above eg's swimming is a non-finite verb.

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