what are isoelectronoc species and what are symmetrical molecules?

give eg''s pls

Isoelectronic Species :the two chemical species having same number of electrons. Example: Na+ and Mg2+ the no. of electron in each case is 10.

Symmetrical molecule: one half of the molecule is a perfect reflection of the other half of the molecule.

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Isoelectronic Species are those atoms which have the same electronic configuration or same number of electrons. For eg- N3-,O2-,F-,Ne, Na+, Mg2+,Al3+are a series of isoelectronic species

Symmetrical: implies the species possesses a

number of indistinguishable configurations.eg-the square planar molecule of XeF4 HOPE THIS HAD HELPED YOU.....

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The isoelectronic species are those elements, which have the same no. of electrons inside their atoms. Like an example is neon, and sodium ion, both of which consists of 10 electrons each.The elements, which are isoelectronic with each other, differ in their chemical and physical properties, like as the positive charge on a species increases, it 's reactivity increases due to the increased electropositive nature of that species.

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