what is X and R  ? 

*  X represents the Halogens(F,Cl,Br,I)

  eg: HX - can be HCl,HF,HBr,HI

*  R represents alkyl group having general formula CnH2n+1 (R is only used in organic chemistry)

  eg:(1) R-OH represents alcohol [methanol-if R is methyl,ethanol-if R is ethyl,propanol-if 
  R is propyl.....]

  (2) R-X represents alkyl halides (Chloro propane-if R is propyl,Bromo butane-if Ris butyl)

Hope it is clear 4 u

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x is male fraction...

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x is mole-frsction

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 X is ...halogen and  R  is.... alkyle group.

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-X is a symbol to denote presence of a halogen (Cl, F, I etc)

-R is a symbol used to denote an alkyl group 

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