Which of the following would not give 2-phenylbutane as the major product in a friedel craft alkylation reaction?

1. 1-butene + HF

2. 2-butanol + H2SO4

3. butanoylchloride + AlCl3, then Zn, HCl

4. Butyl chloride + AlCl3

Ans. : (3)

The reagents in option 3 suggest, Friedel Crafts Acylation and not Alkylation.

2-phenyl Butane has the following structure,

If we use butanoyl Chloride i.e. CH3-CH2-CH2-CO-Cl the product we will get is, Phenyl propyl ketone

Which upon reduction with Zn/HCl, will give you 1-Phenyl Butane,

This is not the desired product.

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