why 2nd is incorrect
 Select the correct Statement  regarding mechanism of concentration Of the filtrate—
(1 ) The counter current system contributes in diluting the urine
(2 ) Counter current system perform by Henle's loop and peritubular capillaries
(3) The flow of filtrate in the two limbs of Henle's loop is in same direction and thus form a counter Current (4) The proximity  between the Henle's loop and vasa recta as well as the counter current in them help in maintaining an increasing osmolarity towards the inner medullary interstitium. 

Dear student,
Option (2) is incorrect because counter current system which helps in the concentration of filtrate is performed by loop of Henle and vasa recta and not peritubular capillaries. Renal medulla of the kidney contains vasa recta and lop of henle while peritubular capillaries are found in the renal cortex.


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