why is it advantageous to roast a sulphide ore to the oxide before reduction

It is easier to obtain metals from their oxides rather than sulphides. So the ore is first converted into an oxide. A sulphide ore is converted into oxide ore by roasting.

 Roasting process 
It is the process of heating the concentrated ore in the presence of excess air. Volatile impurities also get expelled. 
Zinc sulphide in its ore zinc blende ( ZnS) is roasted to obtain zinc oxide (ZnO). Mercuric oxide is obtained by roasting cinnabar (HgS) in air. 


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It is economical
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sulphide ore of copper are heated in reverberatory furnace if ore contain iron it is mixed with silica before heating iron oxide slags of and copper is produced in form of copper matte which contain Cu2s & Fes
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Ores of oxides can be easily reduced by coal to obtain metal. Sulphide ores are converted into oxide by roasting first so that metal can be obtained easily.
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