Class 10 Board Students get one-time relaxation for Passing Marks Criteria in 2018

Meritnation|Mar 1st, 2018 01:43pm

A recent announcement made by The Central Board of Secondary Education will be a huge relief for students appearing for their CBSE Class 10 Board exams in 2018, the first batch to be compulsorily giving the nation-wide exam since it was made optional in 2010.

The Board has decided to grant a one-time relaxation for the required passing marks for this year’s examinees. Thus, there is an overall 33 per cent pass mark criteria for this batch of students only, and they do not need to secure 33 per cent separately in board exams and internal assessments.


This decision was made keeping in mind that the current batch has come from a different assessment background in Class 9, and this is only a temporary change made specifically for this batch. The marking criteria will be reverted to its original arrangement next year onwards.


CBSE Class 10 Board Exams will commence on March 5, 2018.



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