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Board Paper of Class 10 2019 English (Lang. and Lit.) Delhi(set-1) - Solutions

General Instructions :
(i) The question paper is divided into three sections :
Section A : Reading 20 marks
Section B : Writing & Grammar 30 marks
Section C : Literature 30 marks
(ii) All questions are compulsory.
(iii) You may attempt any section at a time.
(iv) All questions of that particular section must be attempted in the correct order.

  • Question 1
    Read the following passage carefully.
    1. Few guessed that this quiet, parentless girl growing up in New York City would one day become the First Lady of the United States. Even fewer thought she would become an author and lecturer and a woman much admired and loved by people throughout the world.

    2. Born Anna Eleanor Roosevelt in 1884 to wealthy, but troubled parents who both died while she was young, Roosevelt was cared for by her grandmother and sent to school in England. In 1905, she married her distant cousin, Franklin Delano Roosevelt. She and her husband had six children. Although they were wealthy, her life was not easy and she suffered several personal tragedies. Her second son died when he was a baby. In 1921, her strong athletic husband was stricken with polio, which left him physically disabled for life.

    3. Eleanor Roosevelt was a remarkable woman who had great intelligence and tremendous strength of character. She never let things get her down. She nursed her husband back to good health and encouraged him to remain in politics. She then helped him to become Governor of New York, and in 1933, President of the United States.

    4. While her husband was President, she took a great interest in all the affairs of the country. She became her husband's legs and eyes; she visited prisons and hospitals; she went down into mines, up scaffoldings and into factories. Roosevelt was tireless and daring. During the depression she travelled all over the country bringing goodwill, reassurance and help to people without food and jobs. During World War II she visited American soldiers in camps all over the world. The United States had never known a First Lady like her.

    5. Roosevelt also kept in touch with the American people through a daily newspaper column called 'My Day'. She broadcast on the radio and delivered lectures, all first for a First Lady.

    1.1 On the basis of your understanding of the above passage answer the following questions: (any eight)

    (a) How was Eleanor Roosevelt's personality in contrast to what she became?
    (b) Apart from being the First Lady what else did she have to her credit?
    (c) What challenges did she face in her personal life but remained unfazed?
    (d) Eleanor was a strong woman who helped her husband become the President of America. How?
    (e) What does the statement: 'she became her husband's legs and eyes' mean?
    (f) What was her special contribution during the depression?
    (g) How did she motivate soldiers during World War II?
    (h) What did she do for the first time for a First Lady?
    (i) What side of her personality is reflected in this passage?


  • Question 2
    Read the passage given below carefully and answer the questions that follow.

    1. Overpowering prey is a challenge for creatures that do not have limbs. Some species like Russell's viper inject poison. Some others opt for an alternative non-chemical method – rat snakes, for instance, catch and push their prey against the ground, while pythons use their muscle power to crush their prey to death. But snakes can't be neatly divided into poisonous and non-poisonous categories.

    2. Even species listed as non-poisonous aren't completely free of poison. The common Sand Boa, for instance, produces secretions particularly poisonous to birds. So the species doesn't take any chance – it crushes its prey) and injects poison as an extra step.

    3. Do vipers need poison powerful enough to kill hundreds of rats with just one drop? After all, they eat only one or two at a time.

    4. While hunting animals try their worst to kill most efficiently, their prey use any trick to avoid becoming a meal, such as developing immunity to poison.) For instance, Californian ground squirrels are resistant to Northern Pacific rattlesnake poison.

    5. Competition with prey is not the only thing driving snakes to evolve more and more deadly poison. Snakes also struggle to avoid becoming prey themselves.

    6. Some snake killers have partial immunity to poison. Famously, mongooses are highly resistant to cobra poison, and with their speed and agility, kill snakes fearlessly. It would be the death of cobras as a species if they didn't evolve a more deadly poison to stop mongooses.

    7.  Poison has another important role. It's an extreme meat softener, specific enzymes break up the insides of the  prey. Normally, a reptile depends on the sun's warm rays to aid digestion.

    8. But I wonder if we cannot use venom in our favour. In remote parts of India, local hospitality often involves leather tough meat. I chew and chew until my jaws ache. If I spit it out or refuse, our hosts would be offended, I swallow like a python stuffing a deer down its throat and hope I don't choke. If only I had poison.

    2.1 Read the questions given below and answer any four in 30-40 words each.
    (a) Russell viper and rat snake have different methods to attack prey. How?
    (b) How does Sand Boa kill its prey?
    (c) There is a constant tussle between the hunting animal and its prey? Why?
    (d) What makes mongoose a snake predator?
    (e) What difficulty does the writer face when he is entertained in the remote parts of India?

    2.2 On the basis of your reading of the above passage fill in any two of the following blanks.
    i. Overpowering __________ is a challenge for creatures that do not have limbs.
         a. a killer  b. humans c. a python d. prey

    ii. Poison  ____________ meat.

    a. enhances taste of     b. hardens
    c. softens                    d. breaks down

    iii. Californian squirrels are  ______________  rattlesnake poison.

    a. afraid of              b. helpless against
    c. resistant to         d. indifferent to
    2.3 Find words from the passage which mean the same as: (any two)
    a. Another (para 1)
    b. Liquid substances released from glands (para 2)
    c. Particular (para 7)

  • Question 3
    You are Tanvi/Shirish of Safdarjung development Area, New Delhi. You are extremely disturbed about the attacks on old people living alone. Write a letter in 100-120 words to the Editor, 'The New Indian News' making people sensitive to the problem. Make suggestions to the people living alone and the authorities to ensure that such attacks do not take place.


    You are Ravi / Raveena, Sports Secretary of your school. Write an article in 100-120 words on the topic, 'Importance of Outdoor Games in the life of a teenager.'

  • Question 4
    Write a story in 150-200 words with the help of the following outline. Give it a suitable title also.

    Bunya was a foolish boy, who was an attention seeker. He was a woodcutter and would go deep into the jungle to cut trees. One day he wanted to do an act of mischief. He shouted at the top of his voice, "There's a tiger, tiger, there's a tiger... ..."


    On Sunday I was watching TV. Suddenly I heard people shouting outside...

  • Question 5
    Fill in any four of the following blanks choosing the most appropriate options from the ones given below. Write the answers in your answer-sheet against the correct blank numbers.

    Delhi (a) _____________ the capital of India. People from all parts (b) ____________ the country and world come to visit Delhi. There (c) ___________ many historical buildings here. Last year I, (d) __________ Delhi. I also watched (e) _____________ Commonwealth Games 2010.
    (a) (i) was (ii) is (iii) are (iv) being
    (b) (i)  of (ii) from (iii) for (iv) at
    (c) (i) being (ii) are (iii) been (iv)  were
    (d) (i)  visit (ii) visiting (iii) visited (iv)  will visit
    (e) (i)  a (ii) an (iii) the (iv)  some

  • Question 6
    The following paragraph has not been edited. There is an error in each line. Write the error along with its correction in the space provided. Do any four.
          Error Correction
    Sachin Tendulkar is a best e.g.   a the
    cricketer in India. He has play for   (a) __________ __________
    more than 20 years on the country.   (b) __________ __________
    He retired from the games   (c) __________ __________
    last year. He is know for   (d) __________ __________
    his skill in batting or fielding.   (e) __________ __________

  • Question 7

    Rearrange any four of the word / phrases to make meaningful sentences.

    1. that life began / centuries ago / scientists think / twenty million / on earth / about
    2. endless process / the plants and animals / of evolution / are the products / of an
    3. are / their animals / products of / all the / environment
    4. lose / habitat / human / due to / their / the animals / encroachment
    5. the / habitat / regrowth / rate of / is / very slow / of


  • Question 8
    Read the extracts given below and answer the questions that follow:

    When I casually mentioned this to a friend, he casually replied that I had better get one in the Tigris marshes, for there they were as common as mosquitoes, and were often tamed by the Arabs. We were going to Basra to the Consulate-General to collect and answer our mail from Europe. At the Consulate-General we found that my friend's mail had arrived but that mine had not.

    Questions :

    (a) What was 'they'?

    (b) Where could the author get 'one'?

    (c) Find the exact word from the extract which means 'domesticated.'

    (d) What did the author find at the Consulate-General?
    (There is a languid, emerald sea,
    where the sole inhabitant is me-
    a mermaid drifting blissfully.)

    Questions :

    (a) Who does 'me' stand for?

    (b) How does 'me' feel?

    (c) Who is 'me' compared to?

    (d) Which word in the extract means opposite of 'sorrowfully'? VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 9
    Answer any four of the following questions in 30-40 words each:

    i. How did Kisa Gotami realise that life and death is a normal process?

    ii. Why did Maddie write a note to Peggy and then tore it?

    iii. How can you say that Horace Danby was good and respectable but not completely honest?

    iv. What difficulty do the crew of the space probe face on the Earth?

    v. What was the most fascinating thing that Valli saw on the street? VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 10
    Attempt the following questions in 100-120 words:

    Bholi is a child different from others. This difference makes her an object of neglect and laughter. Elaborate.
    The poet in the poem, 'For Anne Gregory' conveys that we should give importance to the inner beauty and not to the physical appearance . Elaborate with reference to the poem. VIEW SOLUTION

  • Question 11
    Answer the following question in 200-250 words:

    How did Kitty help Anne overcome her loneliness?


    What is the main theme of 'The Diary of a Young Girl'?


    "The best and most beautiful things in the world can't be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart." Justify the famous quote of Helen Keller.


    Helen had a great love for animals and birds. Write about this aspect of her character. VIEW SOLUTION
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