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Board Paper of Class 10 2018 Social Science (SET 3) - Solutions

General Instructions :
(i) The question paper has 26 questions in all. All questions are compulsory.
(ii) Marks are indicated against each question.
(iii) Questions from serial number 1 to 7 are very short answer type questions. Each question carries 1 mark.
(iv) Questions from serial number 8 to 18 are 3 marks questions. Answers of these questions should not exceed 80 words each.
(v) Questions from serial number 19 to 25 are 5 mark questions. Answers of these questions should not exceed 100 words each.
(vi) Question number 26 is a map question. It has two parts 26(A) and 26(B). 26(A) of 2 marks from History and 26(B) of 3 marks from Geography. After completion attach the map inside your answer book.
(vii) There is no overall choice. However, internal choice has been provided in some questions. You have to attempt only one of the alternatives in all such-questions.
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