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Sample Papers CBSE Class 12 Science

Key features of Meritnation Sample papers:

  • Comprehensive tests to ensure thorough practise before exams
  • Available for all subjects of Class 12 Science
  • Meticulously designed keeping in mind the exact requirement of CBSE Class 12 Science students
  • Systematic questions with proper solutions or answers available for CBSE Class 12 Science
  • Designed as Summative Assessment (SA) as per the CCE guidelines provided by CBSE
  • The CBSE Class 12 Science Sample Papers allow the students to have real time experience of the exam



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Reproduction in organism: Introduction; Description about basic features of Reproduction; Modes of reproduction: Asexual reproduction & sexual reproduction; Asexual reproduction-Binary Fission, multiple fission, budding, fragmentation, gemmule formation,

Chapter: Reproduction in Organisms

Classification & characteristics of solids; Differences between amorphous & crystalline solids; Types of solids & their general characteristics; Crystal lattice (Definition only)

Chapter: The Solid State

Electric charges; Types of charges; Properties of charges; Coulomb's law; Superposition principle

Chapter: Electric Charges And Fields

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