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CBSE Class 6 has proved its mettle as a competent provider of online study material for CBSE Class 6. We nurture the learning capacity in students studying in CBSE Class 6 in a way that helps them grow. Our objective is to make sure that students of CBSE Class 6 have a strong foundation in case of concepts. Students can study CBSE Class 6 Maths, Science, Social Science, English, Hindi and Sanskrit through cheerful videos that encourage them to learn and practise. We offer several supplementary facilities for students of CBSE Class 6 to revise, test themselves and explore.

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Story of Transport, Measurement and Its Importance, Standard and Non-standard Methods of Measurement, International System of Units

Chapter: Motion and Measurement of Distances

Comparing and Ordering Numbers, Formation of Numbers from given Digits, Using Place Value Tables for Reading, Writing and Expanding Numbers

Chapter: Knowing Our Numbers

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  • Well-designed study material for CBSE Class 6 with videos and animation
  • Free NCERT Solutions for CBSE Class 6 helping with exam prep and homework
  • CBSE Class 6 Revision Notes and summaries for necessary books
  • Limitless sets of questions and answers based on CBSE Class 6 syllabus for doubts and queries
  • CBSE Class 6 Sample Papers and chapter tests
  • Test Generator, Formative Assessment and Live test Series to analyse progress from time to time
  • Textbook Solutions for RD Sharma and RS Aggarwal for CBSE Class 6

We aim at ensuring progress in the knowledge graph of students of CBSE Class 6. Meritnation teaches students to be inquisitive, to explore and makes them self sufficient in scoring the highest possible marks.

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