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The Strategy of Defence and Treatment

Our body gets infected with various diseases when microbes enter our body. However, our body provides resistance to these microbes through various general and specific mechanisms to protect itself.

Specific Defence Mechanism

The functioning of this mechanism involves the following.

  • Engulfing of specific pathogens by the white blood cells
  • Production of specific antibodies against specific antigens

Components of specific defence mechanism.

  • White blood cells
  • Monocytes: become macrophages on maturation. A macrophage engulfs an invading pathogen.
  • Lymphocytes: These white blood cells generate antibodies against the antigens.
  • Antibodies: Specific antibodies are generated for specific antigens. The antibodies either prevent the entry of the pathogen into the cell or kill it.


Sometimes ordinary substances such as pollen-dust, vegetables and fruits may also act as antigens. The body produces antibodies in its defence and this causes allergies.

The body has many natural ways to prevent diseases. They defend the body against diseases and are called natural defence system of the body. There are various organs in our body which prevent the entry of disease causing…

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