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Laws of Motion

  • Motion of an object is the change in its position with time.
  • Types of motion:
    • If the object moves in a line such that each point of the object covers equal distance in equal time, the object is said to posses translatory motion.
    • When an object moves along a straight line, it possesses rectilinear motion. For example- Motion of car moving on straight road.  
    • An object moving in a curve path is said to posses curvilinear motion. For example - A car moving in a curvy path
    • When there is a change in speed of object moving in a straight line, it is called non-uniform rectilinear motion (for example a launching rocket) and when there is no change in the speed of the object, it is called uniform linear rectilinear motion(for example a moving convoy).
    • When the distan…

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