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Waste Water Management

  • Water is essential for life.
  • About 71% of the earth’s surface is covered with water. It is present as ground water, in seas, oceans, rivers, lakes, ice caps, and in atmosphere.
  • Wells, rivers, ground water reservoirs or lakes are sources of fresh water.
  • Ocean and sea water is not potable because they contain large amount of dissolved salts.
  • Water is a necessity for every form of life. It is used for domestic activities, irrigation, industrial purposes, etc.
  • 22nd March is celebrated as World Water day.



  1. Water is necessary for every form of life. Clean water is the basic requirement of humans.
  2. Cleaning of water is the process of separating pollutants from the wastewater before it is released into a water body or is reused.
  3. All the waste matter created is sewage and is carried away in sewers. 
  4. From the sewer, the waste matter enters the sewage treatment plant for disposal.

Sewage treatment plant:

  1. It reduces the pollutants in waste matter.
  2. Sludge is the end product of sewage treatment. It is a thick, viscous matter that settles at the bottom of the tank.
  3. Sludge is decompose…

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