Subject: English, asked on 10/9/15

I. Fill in the blanks with the correct form of verbs given in the brackets.
1. Someone ____________ (knock) at the door.
2. Good boys ____________ (obey) their elders.
3. Water ____________ (boil) at 100°C.
4. Birds ____________ (fly) in the air.
5. I ____________ (receive) your letter yesterday
. 6. My father ____________ (leave) for Mumbai tomorrow.
7. The child ____________ (cry) because it cannot find its mother.
8. My mother ____________ (teach) in a college. She ____________ (go) there in the morning.
9. He ____________ (go) to Shimla tomorrow.
10. Thomas Edison ____________ (invent) the electric lamp in 1879.
11. The clouds ____________ (move) across the sky. 12.
Sita ____________ (talk) gently with everyone.
13. It seldom ____________ (rain) here in February.
14. The horse ____________ (gallop) across the fields.
15. When I ____________ (go) to see him, he ____________ (sleep).
16. I ____________ (attend) the meeting tomorrow.
17. Cricket ____________ (originate) in England.
18. I ____________ (try) to solve this sum.
19. He ____________ (study) hard these days.
20. I ____________ (write) a new book. I ____________ (hope) to finish it by the end of this month.
21. It was cloudy in the morning, but the sun ____________ (shine) now.
22. Our country ____________ (make) steady progress under the present government.
23. It ____________ (rain) when I left the house.
24. Don’t disturb me. I ____________ (do) my work. II

. Fill in the blanks with the correct form of verbs given in the brackets.
1. Once upon a time, three thieves, who ____________ (steal) a pot of gold in a distant town ____________ (return) to their village. They ____________ (pass) through a small town when it ____________ (grow) dark. Their village ____________ (be) still a long way away. Each of them had a doubt, “____________(be) it safe to travel through the forest with all this gold?” 2. Air and water ____________ (be) necessary for life. Air ____________ (contain) oxygen which we inhale. We ____________ (release) a gas called carbon dioxide, which ____________ (consist) of carbon and oxygen. Trees ____________ (act) as our friends because under sunlight, they ____________ (break) carbon dioxide into two components and ____________ (consume) carbon which ____________ (be) the basis of the food for all the plants. 3. I ____________ (employ) a new servant, Hari. He ____________ (be) quite obedient, hardworking and submissive but sometimes, he ____________ (behave) very strangely. Last evening, I was alone. I ____________ (hear) his cries and ran towards him. He, at once, ____________ (stop) crying. He had not been actually crying, he ____________ (pretend). I ____________ (scold) him for his strange behaviour.

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