explain the importance of resolution of vectors in walking and pulling a lawn roller i have studied it in refresher but unable to get  it

Resolving forces in putting a lawn roller:

Which pulling a lawn roller, the forces are resolved as above. Now It is easy to pull a lawn roller than to push it because while pulling we can see two components of vertical forces as,

N→ normal reaction.

F sin θ→Vertical component of the force F.

As a result the affect weight decreases as —

N = mg – F sin θ

As the result the frictional force which is fs = Nrs win decrease on the roller ai it will be easy to pull it.

If a force 'F' is applied by us on the ground then flour will give a reaction force in opposite direction. Even a component of this force along with the frictional force (fs) will push us in forward direction. The N, mg ai F sin θ only helps in maintaining the body balance and the net forces in forward direction will push us forward.

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