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how to find antilog of a negative and a positive number?


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Here is an example


The digits before the decimal becomes the mantissa.




To find the value of antilog negative value..

  • Ignore the negative sign.
  • Add one to the characteristic and write it in the negative power of 10. i.e. 10-6
  • substrate characteristic from 1 and write it in the multiple of 10-6.


we get..

(1-0.4)x 10-(5+1)

=0.6 x 10-6


Add we will look for the value in 0.60th row, 0th column of the antilog table, which is 3989. 

Therefore, antilog(-5.4)=3.989 x10-6

To learn how to calculate log and antilog , you can refer to the following link also..

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Trunaya , added an answer, on 25/2/13
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Antilog of +ve no.

eg: 7.2030

2030 is the mantisa.

find the antilog of the mantisa only using the antilog table.

look for the value corresponding to 20 in the row and 3 in the column and to this add the value in the third column corresponding to 0.

you should get 1596 + 0 = 1596

now always put a decimal point b/w the first 2 digits of this obtained no. and multiply it with 10 raised to the characteristic.

so, 1.596 x 10where 7 is the characteristic.

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